Discover Alter do Chão in a different way
Two options of accommodation, in our comfortable hammocks or in the Amazon Room

The Amazon Room

The Amazon Room was created in the same space of Malocário and provides greater privacy and tranquility to guests. With straw separations and cloth curtains, it mixes integration with nature to a greater comfort and exclusivity.


With a double bed and other treats, staying in the Amazon Room is an amazing experience, proving that simplicity can be a luxury.


Hammocks have been the Amazon bed for millennia. Indigenous people have created this smart, simple and very comfortable way to sleep in the forest. It is important to know that the hammocks in MalocaViva are not like those in your beach house terrace. They are quite large and robust and are more stretched.


Of course there are some techniques that we are going to teach to guarantee a great night, but overall, the things we most hear after the experience with hammocks are: “I'll hang one in my bedroom” or “I slept pretty well, it is a delight” and so on.

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Alter do Chão - Pará
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